Addiction Treatment Program

Substance Use Evening Program

We offer a psycho-educational 6 Week Mental Health and Addiction Program. The goal is to gain insight, skills and coping mechanisms to help assist with the challenge of managing the impact of mental health and addiction on a daily bases

At Shilton Therapy, provides the highest level of outpatient alcohol and drug treatment. The Evening Treatment typically consists of 6 sessions. Within a short period of time. Live at home, continue to work, go to school or attend to life’s needs. This evening education it designed to explore common struggles in recovery, learning to recognize, coping and practice skills learned in session. Exploration of alternative therapies and coping skills to widen the recovery tool box. Post treatment after-care extensions options available to create success in recovery.

Treatment is in-network for many insurance providers, making it a readily accessible addiction treatment program option.

The next session commences September 2018.

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